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The AEA Apprentice Awards 2024

Welcome to the AEA Apprentice Awards 2024Recently, we were delighted to host our second annual AEA Apprentice Awards, celebrating the fantastic apprentices who went above and beyond over the past 12 months. To fully appreciate the hard work and endeavour shown, we launched this event in 2023 to recognise and award them, whether in their first or final year of study.

The evening was filled with celebration as we recognised the remarkable talents and achievements of those who went above and beyond. It is the commitment and dedication of individuals like these that are creating a bright future for us all.

Four award categories were available for host employers and training providers to nominate apprentices. These were the Rising Star Award, the Be Their Best Award, the Future Leader Award and the Apprentice of the Year Award. In a change of format, the Rising Star Award has been broken down into employment year groups (Year One, Two and Three).

Our Award Winners & Nomination Reasons:

Rising Star (Year One) – Eleanor (DSV)

“Eleanor has had a fantastic first 6 months with DSV. It has been wonderful to watch her flourish. She has taken everything in her stride and learnt many new skills in such a short amount of time.”

Rising Star (Year Two) – Gemma (Beaconside Primary School)

“Gemma makes a big contribution to the day-to-day running of our nursery and is a valued member of our team. The level of support and care Gemma offers to our children is outstanding.”

Rising Star (Year Three) – Emmanuel (Deminor)

“Emmanuel always shows great initiative, drive and independence. He is extremely open to learning and is consistently seeking ways to grow. He has grown and matured tremendously within the last 18 months.”

Being Their Best – Thomas (VPI)

“Thomas embodies the qualities of a true team player. He is always approachable, punctual and exceedingly polite, setting a standard of professionalism and courtesy for his peers.”

Future Leader – Harry (Tronox)

“Harry has not only impressed his immediate peers and Line Manager, with his continued commitment to delivering his best while in the workplace or the classroom environment, but also hasn’t gone unnoticed by members of the Tronox Senior Management Team and the Catch tutors alike.”

Apprentice of the Year – Adam (Tronox)

“Adam is confident, keen, enthusiastic and committed with a positive attitude to work. He is always keen to seek out the next task/project to work on and aims to always complete this work to the highest standard. Adam’s most admirable qualities is his eagerness to collaborate and contribute to the success of our projects.”


We want to thank the employers who supported and participated in our awards ceremony: Prax, Technical Absorbents, DSV, Ivegill CofE Primary School, VPI, Tronox, Beaconside Primary School and Deminor.

We would also like to pay a special mention to all our nominees who should be incredibly proud of their efforts:

  • Rising Star (Year One): Archie (Prax), Harry (Technical Absorbents), Zoe (Ivegill CofE Primary School) & Ben (VPI)
  • Rising Star (Year Two): Lora (Tronox), Bevan (VPI), Hannah (Beaconside), Harry (Tronox), Daniel (VPI) & Alex (Tronox)
  • Rising Star (Year Three): Adam (Tronox)
  • Being Their Best: Harry (Tronox), Louis (Prax), James (VPI), Anthony (Tronox) & Lola (VPI)
  • Future Leader: Chloe (Technical Absorbents), Kai (DSV) & Emmanuel (Deminor)
  • Apprentice of the Year: Harry (Technical Absorbents), Daniel (VPI) & Emmanuel (Deminor)

We thank employers for recognising the value of investing in their apprentices, training providers for helping them grow academically and emotionally, and the fantastic apprentices who worked so hard to achieve these accolades. Your support and participation made the event not only possible but truly special.


For all things apprentice or if you have any queries, please contact our team via email at or visit our website. Check out our socials where we have the latest news, developments and jobs in the apprentice world. Follow our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages to stay up to date!

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The AEA Apprentice Awards 2024


The AEA Apprentice Awards 2024

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