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Training Providers

As a trusted and agile apprenticeship employment agency we work closely with our customers, tailoring our support to meet their needs.

Training Providers
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Our training provider partnerships

We ensure that all Apprentices receive quality training with the very best training providers. We are in a unique position because we are not linked with any one training provider. We are truly impartial, we do not deliver apprenticeship training in-house, nor do we hold a direct Skills Funding Agency Contract.

This means that we are able to select the right provider for your needs, bringing in the right training providers for your business, ensuring that only quality providers are supporting your Apprentices learning journey.

The AEA holds partnership relationships with over 100 national Training Providers throughout the UK who hold Grade 2+ OFSTED accreditation,  each of whom have signed and committed to working within the parameters of our Training Provider Arrangement. This sets out our expectations of the partnership, compliance with the Skills Funding Agency standards, health and safety guidelines for young people, financial management of Government funding and audit requirements that reflect those of OFSTED.

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